About Us

Installation of kitchen. Custom kitchen cabinets in various stages of installation base for island in center

Our History

We started in 1989 as a small environmental contractor. In 1993 we blended that experience into a capability to remodel and renovate multi-family housing, both publicly and privately owned.


In our nearly three decades as a renovation company and with the years of commercial remodeling experience afforded us, we have gained an excellent reputation for quality and efficiency in the modernization of occupied multi-family housing.


At Schemel Companies, we like to emphasize that our reputation is built on our unique capability to perform full, quality renovations on occupied apartments or housing units. Working inside homes that are occupied requires attentive, effective, and polite crew members. Our crews understand that we are working in homes, and we take great care to help tenants understand the renovation plans and schedules. We work with respect for all residents, paying special attention to cleanliness and aiming for the minimum amount of disruption. Above all, we want your tenants to be safe and comfortable during the remodeling process.

Our Approach

Renovation is a serious business. You can’t trust your home to just anyone. It’s our philosophy to create a safe and courteous environment for our employees and hire people who will extend the same philosophy to our customers. We select upstanding, highly skilled professionals to be a part of the Schemel Companies team, so you can trust that we will do everything in our power to keep the projects on deadline and make the finished product a quality one.


Everything we do is planned with your property in mind. We have a wide knowledge of products that suit multi-family housing. When we combine that knowledge with experienced work crews, we’re able to move quickly and efficiently through a multi-family facility. We plan delivery of materials based on the day’s work. This makes for considerate use of elevators and stairs, and lets us avoid clutter in hallways and job sites.


Experience has taught our planners and crews how to advance the construction. When we can, we pre-assemble components off-site in order to expedite the on-site construction. Our crews are trained to efficiently handle multiple functions, saving time and avoiding the need for subcontractors. And while we work quickly, we also emphasize quality—we happily encourage you and your tenants to observe us while we work.

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