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Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor for Missouri and Illinois

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When choosing an asbestos removal contractor, it is essential that you choose someone who is experienced and suitably qualified.   If you have carried out an asbestos survey and identified the presence of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), you may well be looking for an asbestos removal contractor and wondering where to start.   Many businesses are […]

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JOB TITLE Job Description: Describe the available positions here. Be sure to include complete details. Job Requirements: These are the minimum requirements needed to be eligible for the position. Preferred Qualifications: These are any extra qualifications that might be helpful in performing the job. Compensation: Include either a pay range or specific compensation. Also include […]

Joe Vartanium, Senior Project Manager – Focus

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I have known Rick and his company for several years. I first worked with them at a previous company I was with. This experience was on the ownership/management side. We needed a General Contractor in Pennsylvania. We had a tight schedule with a lot of work to do. They completed everything in 6 months. Everyone […]

Stan James, Administrator – Champaign County Housing Development Corporation

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I was first referred to Schemel Companies by a colleague in 2010. We needed special expertise for a renovation project at that time and were in a pinch after having fired the first contractor on this job. This was a kitchen update for 101 units. Even though we were backward on the project and pressed […]

Rob Stearnes, Executive Director – Portageville Housing Authority

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I have had the privilege to work with Schemel Companies, Inc. for Nine Years as an architectural intern with my father’s architectural firm and Twelve Years as an Executive Director and Construction Consultant for HUD public housing authorities. I have been extremely pleased with the knowledge, experience and professionalism of their office staff, construction foremen […]

Ralls C. Melotte, AIA – Melotte Morse Leonatti Parker, Ltd.

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Our firm has worked closely with Schemel Companies, Inc. since shortly after the year 2000 in a variety of capacities.  Their firm came to our attention due to their extensive experience in environmental work for Housing Authorities.  They were the low bidder and the Abatement Contractor of preference for multiple environmental projects and general construction […]

We’re Revolutionizing Renovation

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Choose the on-budget-on-time Expert in Multi-family Apartment Renovation TRUSTED, EXPERIENCED AND RESPECTFUL Schemel Companies has set the standard in commercial remodeling and renovation for three decades. Our unparalleled precision and one-of-a-kind process makes us a top choice when renovating multi-family apartments. We've built our reputation on high-quality renovations, all while keeping the units occupied. Working […]

Asbestos Removal

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In recent years, the carcinogenic effects of asbestos—a common building material—have been discovered and the use of asbestos has been increasingly regulated by agencies such as OSHA and the EPA. If asbestos abatement—the process by which asbestos is removed or its effects mitigated—is done incorrectly, microscopic particles are released into the air which can cause […]

Lead Based Paint Removal

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Lead exposure can be deadly, causing serious damage to the kidneys, liver, reproductive system and brain. If your apartment complex was built before 1978, it is highly likely that lead is present somewhere in your facility.

Mold Remediation

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Mold spores are an unavoidable part of the environment. Mold growth, however, poses serious structural risks for your facility as well as health risks for your tenants or employees. And since it doesn’t grow on surfaces until extreme moisture is present, once you spot mold growth, you need to call for mold remediation services immediately.