Joe Vartanium, Senior Project Manager – Focus

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I have known Rick and his company for several years. I first worked with them at a previous company I was with. This experience was on the ownership/management side. We needed a General Contractor in Pennsylvania. We had a tight schedule with a lot of work to do. They completed everything in 6 months. Everyone on the team was great. They were always responsive to my needs, but also proactive in keeping me informed all the way through. Frankly, they were just easy to manage.

Since my time with Focus, we hired them back for a big abatement job for a 410 unit twin-tower complex in Chicago. We were in a pinch after hiring two other companies. The first company started working and came to us asking to double the original bid price with no reason or logic. Similarly, the second company was hired to resume work and likewise could not honor their pricing once into the job.

I called Rick and he came out and said absolutely. They were fantastic not only in meeting their bid, but they wasted no time in completing this project to expectations. They worked very well in that case with our demo crew and Superintendent.

Since then, we brought them in on another demo/abatement job. They did this work at the same time as the renovation work was in progress. I always keep Schemel Companies at the top of my list and would not hesitate to recommend them highly for any multifamily renovation and environmental work.

Joe Vartanium, Senior Project Manager – Focus