Join Our Team

Contact us if you have construction experience, ambition, smarts

We are proud of the team we have assembled at Schemel Companies, and we are excited to see it continue growing in the years to come. As our business grows, we want to build our crews full of people who have a strong ethic to work, a desire to grow, and the discipline to learn a trade.


Our work culture requires employees to put their best step forward every day and treat all people on the job site with respect and courtesy. Our crews get invested in each project they take on, making them take special care and attention to get every job finished on time and on budget.


Our employees take pride in their work at every stage, are enthusiastic, motivated, and skilled. At Schemel, we believe that the pride in work our employees contribute each day is not just a mindset, but a skill set.


If you find yourself agreeing with these tenets of a strong work experience, or you say to yourself that you are someone that fits the bill, or you have some general construction experience with a “can do” attitude–then we want to meet you! We’re looking for employees who can stay busy all the time and take responsibility over their work–those that don’t stand waiting to be told what to do next.


The crew members we assemble are a team, and we expect you to work like one. We like to train people to our assembly line system and treat every co-worker with respect on and off the job site.


Our workweek is comprised of four 10-hour days, and any employee must be willing to travel; the work may take you away from home two weeks at a time.


Our wages are more than competitive, and our expectations are high.


If you have work ethic, experience, and smarts, then contact us today. We’re excited to hear from you!