Kitchen Remodels


Remodeling multi-family apartment buildings is not only stressful, it’s time-consuming and expensive. It can take months—or even years—to see the finished product when you work with a tradition kitchen remodeling contractor.


Working with Schemel Companies is different.





Tenants will receive 48 hours notice
 before we’ll work on their unit. They’ll leave their unit in the morning and be able to put their dishes away in their new kitchen cabinets for apartments by evening.


Your tenants can stay in their units because we work on renovations in waves—one day, we’ll do multi-family cabinet installation, the next day we’ll work on the floors and so on. At the end of each work day, our superintendents will personally oversee cleanup and quality control. We always aim to leave your tenants’ space cleaner than when we found it.


It’s that easy.


What’s more, our process cuts down on man-hours, meaning we save you time and money. And because your tenants can stay in their apartments, you’ll keep that revenue stream throughout the whole project.


At the end of every project, we encourage inspections by engineers, architects and building owners so we can immediately address any concerns—that’s how confident we are in the quality of our work.


So, if you need to make renovations to big apartment buildings, we’re the kitchen remodeling contractors you need to call. We make it easy to afford otherwise pricey large-scale renovations.

Kitchen Remodel Services: Kitchen Cabinets for Apartments

When you work with Schemel Companies, you can remodel every kitchen in your apartment complex. And for less money than you think.


Our process cuts down on labor costs, which we pass along to you. Plus, if you need to maintain your revenue stream from collecting rent, we have the ability to renovate your building without disturbing tenants.


Installing Apartment Kitchen Cabinets, Countertops, and Sinks

Even if you have 100 or more units. We can usually install kitchen cabinets for apartments at a rate of six units per day using our process. One guy will rip out the out the old, outdated cabinets. Another guy will go in right after him and install the new ones. The superintendent will oversee quality control every step of the way.


New countertops, sinks and faucets can easily make your apartments more desirable and can give your entire a building a rent bump. We can completely renovate your kitchen while your tenants are occupying the space, meaning you can keep bringing in revenue throughout the whole project.


Because each of our employees are trained in multiple trades—flooring, plumbing, painting, construction—we are able to lower labor costs for your large scale kitchen remodel. Schemel Companies can take care each of your renovation needs without having to contract anything out.


And, because we usually spend a day or less in every unit, there is minimal disruption in your tenants’ life.


Flooring Installation

Want to upgrade to plank flooring? Or perhaps you’d just like to replace your linoleum. Whatever your flooring needs, the kitchen remodeling contractors at Schemel Companies have you covered.

We’ll replace each unit’s flooring quickly. We’ll start in the morning—whenever your tenant likes to wake up—and the new flooring will be ready by evening. That’s the Schemel Companies process.


New Appliance Installation

If your buildings’ apartments are all decades old, it might be time to upgrade. New appliances can increase each individual apartment’s rent value for years to come.

With electricians, plumbers and construction experts all on staff, we’ll be in and out before your tenant even knows we were there.

Need to update your apartment building? We work quickly without displacing your tenants.