Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor for Missouri and Illinois

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When choosing an asbestos removal contractor, it is essential that you choose someone who is experienced and suitably qualified.


If you have carried out an asbestos survey and identified the presence of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), you may well be looking for an asbestos removal contractor and wondering where to start.


Many businesses are concerned that it may be extremely expensive and disruptive to their business. However, it is worth bearing in mind that asbestos does not always need to be removed. For example, if the asbestos is in good repair you may be able to manage and monitor it rather than having it removed. In any case, the work should be affordable and will be a worthwhile investment.


Is asbestos removal necessary?


Removal may be necessary if:

  • The building is going to be demolished.
  • Repair or maintenance work is to be carried out which may disturb the asbestos.
  • If asbestos-containing materials have been damaged or may easily become damaged.
  • There will be a change in what the building is used for.


Remember that a licensed asbestos contractor can help you manage, repair and seal off asbestos as well as remove it.


How to choose an asbestos removal contractor:


There are some types of asbestos which can be removed without using a licensed contractor, such as some types of cement. All other types of asbestos must, by law, be removed by a licensed contractor. Most experts recommend that ALL asbestos removal work is undertaken by a licensed contractor. Licensed asbestos removal contractors for Missouri and Illinois are listed on the MODNR and IDPH websites.


You will also want to ask them some questions yourself. Obviously, you will want to see the contractor’s license. In addition, you will probably also want to know about training. A good asbestos removal contractor will be happy to discuss training dates and types with you.


Often, people will ask asbestos removal contractors about waste disposal. The disposal of asbestos waste is highly regulated – a good asbestos contractor will discuss this with you and be able to show evidence that they deal with asbestos waste responsibly.


Schemel Companies is a licensed Missouri and Illinois asbestos removal contractor with over 30 years of experience. We have conducted asbestos removal on a wide variety of property types and builds. If you are looking for an licensed asbestos removal contractor in Missouri or Illinois, please contact us so we can provide you with a qualified consultation on your asbestos removal project.

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