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Choose the on-budget-on-time Expert in Multi-family Apartment Renovation


Schemel Companies has set the standard in commercial remodeling and renovation for three decades. Our unparalleled precision and one-of-a-kind process makes us a top choice when renovating multi-family apartments.

We’ve built our reputation on high-quality renovations, all while keeping the units occupied.

Working inside occupied homes requires respectfulness, attentiveness and effective construction crews. Our employees help tenants understand the renovation process and work schedules. We pay attention to cleanliness and emphasize minimal disruption.

Above all, your tenant feels safe and comfortable during the remodeling process.

Everything we do is with your property in mind:
– Decades of experience with multi-family apartments
– Meticulous planning and completion – Finishing renovations thoroughly and quickly

Our vast experience as an industry leader gives our advanced planners and crews the tools to finish your project fast. When possible, we pre-assemble components off-site, expediting the construction on your property. Our crews are efficient and trained in many functions; which saves our time and your money.



Renovating occupied apartment buildings is our primary focus while you continue collecting rent.


You need to renovate. You want to continue collecting rent. We ensure you do both.

Traditional contracting companies need you to vacate your tenants for lengthy periods while the contractor completes the renovations. This is bad for your tenants – and unhappy tenants sometimes leave. And it’s especially bad for you: temporary lodging costs quickly add up.


Schemel Companies provides the better solution.

We renovate without displacing your current tenants. Property owners don’t lose money on rent for offline units and don’t pay for temporary lodging.


Many apartment managers come to us with one problem:

Their multi-family apartment complex is well maintained and structurally sound, but badly outdated. Many units have carpet in bathrooms, old appliances and some may have mold damage. The owners know they’re in dire need of modernization.

However, further complicating the problem, they can’t afford to move tenants around and lose rent.

Other remodeling contractors can take months or even years to complete these large-scale renovations, we’re finished in weeks.


With our signature assembly-line process, we reduce labor costs, downtime, and headaches. As an owner, you keep your rent revenue consistent by saving money with our assembly line efficiency process.  


Schemel Companies solves this problem with a method unique to our company.

As one task is being completed, we plan and stage supplies for the next for maximum efficiency. We begin work in the morning and finish by the time tenants return home at night.

We respect your bottom line and your tenants comfort while lowering your renovation costs.



We are respectful of your tenants and treat their homes as our own. Not only are we considerate of their homes, but also their schedules, belongings and pets throughout the construction process. Notifications are given to your tenants a week before work starts and again 48 hours before to ensure they are expecting our presence in their home.



Before your renovation begins, we do the prep work so everything runs smooth. Every material is staged and in place before we start. In some cases, we arrange a local warehouse to ensure everything is close by and to reduce downtime. When possible, we pre-assemble items before we arrive on-site. Also, we load our trucks in reverse order, so the materials we need at the end of the day are at the back of the truck. By focusing on efficiency, we get the job done faster than anyone else.


Quality control is key for our renovation process. At the end of each day, our superintendent walks through each unit to ensure results. And at the end of the project, they conduct a thorough walk-through with you and anyone else you want to bring along. If there are any change requests, we will fix them right away.



We’re so confident in our work that we encourage client inspections. Feel free to bring your architect, engineer other property owners. We know you’ll like what you see. Our superintendents perform a quality check at the end of every shift and all employees live by our motto, ”Leave the job site cleaner than when you arrived.”

We stand by our work and at the end of the day, we aim to exceed your expectations.