Stan James, Administrator – Champaign County Housing Development Corporation

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I was first referred to Schemel Companies by a colleague in 2010. We needed special expertise for a renovation project at that time and were in a pinch after having fired the first contractor on this job. This was a kitchen update for 101 units.

Even though we were backward on the project and pressed for time, it was that much more important to find a contractor that we were confident would get it right. I received four bids. Schemel was by far the best. We were trying to come up with a way without tearing everything down completely. They came up with a way better than I even thought of.

I was so impressed with their demeanor and what they told me their team would do. Yet I still couldn’t believe the efficiency when they got into this job. They were in and out, hardly noticed. They would call us if there was an issue or if they had a thought that would better work. There were no headaches or people complaining and mad because their house was torn up with workers in and out. The performance was on par every step of the way. We never dickered on any of it. The project came in completely on time and on budget. No overruns.

One thing that really gets me, many contractors tear everything up. They park in the yard, they leave nails, lumber, trim, whatever. These guys did not. They went around and made sure it was all done. If you have dealt with any number of contractors over time, you know that there are bad ones out there. It’s a wonder that some of those I have known are still in business.

The last project I hired Schemel for was September 2018. We specced out just over 200 new apartment and office doors. They came to the site and walked through. Again, on time and on target. They have only gotten better with time.

A lot of contractors have their people in a certain place doing certain things but then they have to subcontract out the rest. Not that I’m against that, but oftentimes the oversight is lost. You begin to wonder who’s telling who to do what. I shouldn’t have to stay on top of it all to make sure that each one was doing what we had specced out.

People still call me a lot even though I am retired now. I recommend Schemel Companies every chance I get. The thing I like about Schemel Companies is their expertise. They know what they’re doing and they’re geared up to do it right the first time.